Bright Circle Herbcraft

About Bright Circle Herbcraft

Honoring the Connection Between
People, Plants, Land  and  Spirit 


As we work with herbs to heal ourselves and maintain vitality, we gain a new knowledge of our bodies, and how herbs work with them.  Our personal health decisions become more informed and energized as we have more understanding of how our bodies work, and become our own first source of care, health, and healing. 


These are the real teachers.  They live life in the elements, often enduring extremes of heat, cold, wet or dry, and foragers or insect predators that they must protect themselves from.  Born of that, their medicines connect us to their lives, heal our whole selves, and the plants teach us their ancient wisdom of connection.


Trees in sunset

We are not separate from the land we live on.  We attune to it’s seasons and the flavor of food that grows there — and the bacteria in it’s dirt are part of us.  Plants and their bioregions benefit directly when we mitigate land abuses, and  come together in community to help restore plant species and habitats that have been injured, nurturing a relationship of care.  We give back to the land when we foster practices of nurturing, and it gives itself to us as food and medicine.  As we change our lifestyles to eliminate the altered “foods” and chemicals that harm the land and us, we withdraw support for the world-harming methods used to produce them, and the damage they cause to person and place.  As we heal the land, that healing comes back to us.


As we learn from the herbs, we consciously connect to the earth in ways that we had forgotten we knew…. slowing the frantic pace a little, and treating ourselves to deep nourishment from root and leaf and flower. We learn or relearn about the lives of the plants that heal and feed us, seeing ourselves again as part of the web of life that is the source of our food — and of deeper medicines than merely something that we ingest.  We return to wonder.


These connections are woven into herbal medicine.  When we work with plants to heal ourselves, we also contribute to earth-healing, and all the effects feed each other. I see them as a circle of mutually reinforcing parts, and so the name Bright Circle Herbcraft was born.  The reciprocity between people, plants, land, and spirit is itself a profound medicine.  We benefit, and so does our environment, in a circle of  giving where each part nurtures and reinforces the whole.