Meet With Joan

Healing is a journey, and being in health is a process….
of listening to the wisdom of our body telling us what it needs,
and nourishing with food and herbs
 In connection to plants, and the cycles of life.

Working Together

You are a unique being with a chemistry, vibrational energies and constitution that are all your own.  When we meet I will look for the patterns that are at the root of your concern.  Then I’ll devise an herbal approach to work in accord with your body’s innate intelligence, in alignment with your health goals.  Depending on what brings you to me, you will need  a short appointment (for simple things like minor aches and pains, minor injuries, and  preventive care),  or  a longer appointment for (chronic conditions or complex concerns).


Teacup sillhouette 

To Start Your Healing  Journey

We will need to sit down together so I can hear your story — a story of food, lifestyle, emotional stressors, and your current concerns.  I will listen to you, truly deeply listen, as you share what concerns you.   Contact me here, for an appointment.

Herbal Formulas

I’ll create your formulas within 2-3 business days, and we’ll meet again for fifteen minutes so I can explain how and when to take them.    

Follow Up

After you have taken the herbs for two weeks we will meet to evaluate how they are working for you, and review how your are responding and healing.  (We can meet any time before that time if you would like to.)

I am available by phone or email  if you have questions.

Herbal products are crafted for your unique needs, and are sold separately.